Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Change Me plan

There are several things that I would like to change about myself. First, I am overweight. This happened after having two babies, and one of my medications doesn't let me loose weight, but it wont let me gain weight either. I would like to spend more time doing stuff with my family. Hubby and I have been having Date Night once a week, every Monday. I take Lil Red out to do something on Saturdays, and Tiny Red and I go do something together on Sundays. Friday night is ME time, and I usually watch a movie on VOD.

Other parts of the change me plan is to exercise every other day, along with yoga on the opposite days. On Sundays, I must try one new healthy food. Yes, only once a week. Other wise it could get very expensive. By Tuesday of next week, I will be down to a half a pack of smokes a day, while my quit date is roughly the last day of October, pending graduation date. Also, I am trying to walk the dog every day. This one is difficult because he is a big pain in the arse when it comes to walks. He pulls, he walks in circles, he runs into me. I have tried several ways, such as those taught by the Dog Whisperer, and by Its me or the dog, but none have worked. Yesterday after taking him for a short walk, we returned home due to my frustration. I went to Fleet Farm and purchased one of those nose harness things. Apparently a Large is too big for my chocolate lab... Today I get to exchange it for a smaller size. Maybe the smaller size will not put pressure on his EYEBALLS.

Anyways, my plan is working ok so far. It helped to create a list of things I can do with the girls along with what new foods to try. Now I just need to figure out the yoga and exercise thing. I know walking the dog is exercise, but I would rather keep that as just spending time with the dog.

Ok so now you all know about the "Change Me" plan! I will keep you updated on my progress.

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