Monday, September 08, 2008

The Bus and More

Ok. The bus this year has been faithfully coming at teh same time everyday. This is a first. Last year it would come anywhere from 7:45 to 8:15. This year, it has been right on time (as the time sent to me by the bus company), or well a minute early. It comes every morning at 8:00 (the schedule says 8:01). Every morning I send Caitlin outside at 7:50 just in case. Every morning the neighbor can not get her kids out the door before the bus sits at the corner. Today it took her children two minutes to get out the door and on the bus. First the older one came out, then the middle boy and then the youngest. She insists on yelling at them their entire way to the bus. Why?? Why can she not get her boys outside and ready to go before the bus arrives?? I just sit back and watch the mayhem happening across the street. Its my morning entertainment...

I shop at Target, and their generic appears to be "Market Pantry". So I have been trying to shop more frugally since food prices seem to be rising with no relief on the way.. I have started to buy generic poptarts, cereal bars, jelly's, baking soda, and snacks for the kids. I must say, I do not like the generic poptarts, but that is ok since I probably don't need to be eating them anyways!! The children have not complained one bit, even though I have been buying generic cereal bars on and off for years. Caitlin was rather excited to have "Chickadee's" instead of "goldfish"...


I must quit. I told myself I will quit when I graduate with my AA in CJ from Kaplan. First I was done in June, but then Hamilton switched to Kaplan, and that moved my graduation date up to April. Sometime in there I got a letter saying I was done in January. Then I got a letter for my externship, saying I was done in October, but as I was meeting with the person in charge of the externships, the registar stopped by and said I would not graduate in October, but in January because I was short credits. When I picked up my schedule, my graduation date went back to October, because the registar found some credits from when I went to college right after high school. Thank you art class! So anyways, back to the smoking.. My quit date keeps changing. I was ready to quit in January. But keeping my word, I must quit in October. I have been visiting a few websites and one of them said to keep track of my *triggers*. Thats going to be hard, since everything is a *trigger* for me to go smoke!!! I must be down to a half a pack by September 16th. Wish me luck!

Ok thats all I have for now..

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