Sunday, September 14, 2008

Change Me Plan: New Healthy Food Sunday

I kind of cheated. I tried my "New Healthy Food" yesterday. And at that, it really was not a "food". I keep coming across things that say green tea is so good for you because of all of the anti oxidants that are in it. So, that is what I tried last night.

I bought a package of green tea, along with two fresh lemons. I made the tea per the directions on the box, added my lemon, and drank. OMFG. Green tea tastes like regular tea, which I only force myself to drink when I have a sore throat or am under the weather. I will not be having anymore green tea until I am sick. That was about as nasty as regular tea. BLEH!

So, new healthy food, FAIL.

Next week, either avocados, papaya, or real figs (not the kind in fig newtons lol)

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