Saturday, March 31, 2007


Caitlin is turning 6 on Monday. My little girl is growing up! I figured I would share some of the things shes said thru out her life...

Caitlin "Mom" , me "what" *silence*

At Three, Caitlin started preschool. The other kids in her class were "Her Kids" lol, By April they turned into "Her Friends"

4 yrs old "AWE MAN!"

We have had fridge "maggots" (magnets) for several years now...

"Caitlin, what is your favorite color?" "Pink... my favorite color is yellow"

"ZOE don't hug me! Your hugs are too cuddly!"

"Daddy, is your brain thinking right?"

Stuff in our house has a tendency to "pissapear"

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