Sunday, March 25, 2007


Why didn't anyone tell me I had not updated my blog since Tuesday?? Its Sunday! What the heck people?? I know I complain when others do not update their blogs... lol

Ok so since Tuesday... Its been beautiful outside, it did rain, but its been so nice. Spring Break for my kiddo starts tomorrow... If you have any tips on how to get her to clean her room (so she can GO OUTSIDE), let me know. Cuz I am done. I am ready to throw them all away. But I can not do that!!! UGhhhh.

Friday, Kim & I went up to Medford MN to the outlet mall to do a little shopping. I don't think I spent more then $60. The prices just were not right. I am not a name brand person, my kids only wear name brand stuff when A) its on super sale, or 2) when someone else buys them it!!! Of course, you could just about call "circo" and "faded glory" name brands since, well they have a NAME ON THEM. Any who, I can not see spending more then 10 to 12 bucks for one out fit for a growing child that will be out of it in a few months. I wouldn't mind buying Caitlin more expensive stuff, knowing that Zoe could wear it later on, if her size / season matches up, which most of the time it does.

Saturday, I was outside. Doing what? I am not sure, but I spent a lot of time sitting in our new patio chairs.

Sunday, I vac'ed up 100's of stupid box elder beetles that find living on our house fun. We have these black spots on our outside walls, but when you take a closer look, its the damn bugs. So away I went with my shop vac! My husband was nice enough to clean the water out of the vac, and replace the filters! He also secured our gutters with the brackets that I had to buy. They were just blowing in the breeze, well NOT ANYMORE!

What will I do tomorrow? Who knows, probably laundry, and be outside!!!!

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