Sunday, March 11, 2007


Ok I know remember why I do not clean with bleach / water mixture. The bleach smell gets to me so bad that my nose burns all the way down to my lungs, and it gives me a massive headache! I did not use the bleach, it was the people around me. We were out at the bar (Vibrations) on a cleaning mission to get things ... well... clean. I had to leave to get some fresh air, but even that did not help. I ended up having to come home and laid down. Four hours later, my head is still hurting.

Yesterday, I figured out what was wrong with my website when I previewed it. It took the clicking of one little check box to make things look pretty. Still working on it to get the rest of the bugs out, and well my perfectionism is sort of taking over in that area.

I am so happy tomorrow is Monday. I feel like Monday's are my "fresh start" of the week. I have not been doing well sticking to my routines, which is causing a messy house, and an even more messy brain. So if I can keep on track tomorrow, the rest of the week will be a breeze.

Speaking of breezes, Mondays forecast is 61 degrees!! WOOT! How bout that! TAKE THAT SNOW! hehe

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