Saturday, September 29, 2007

oh yea

a blog! hehe

Hmm whats new... my glasses start soon, in less then two weeks actually... I am getting nervous about baby sitters, class schedules, homework, PEOPLE...

In the mean time, I am trying to decorate our bedroom, and decluttering our home. There is clutter everywhere... I am sure its not as bad as some peoples houses, but I don't want to deal with the clutter anymore. Like flylady and several others often say, a cluttered house can make you tired, depressed, and lead to a cluttered brain & life. I would love to get rid of everything but the basics, but that will never happen because we all have a slight hoarding issue. LOL

Zeus got fixed on Wednesday. He is really bruised. The sack that is left is black, and around his incision is very red. It is not warmer then the rest of him, so I am hoping there is no infection and it is just bruising.

Kim drove me to the vet to drop of Zeus, then we went to IF to visit the grandma greats. They were very happy to see us and the pictures that Kim had done from her friend the photographer.

I was going to finally have my garage sale today since the neighbor is having one and she put an ad in the paper. I was going to use her publicity to get people to come to my sale. After much procrastination, lack of planning, and plain laziness, I decided to donate all of it to the local womans shelter. I hope they pick stuff up since they don't have an address published anywhere.

Ok maybe more later...

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