Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I did it!

So after working on the front pillars on the porch all summer long, I finally had my husband finish scraping the paint off the tops so I wouldn't have to do some funny acrobatic moves on top of a ladder that is way too far off the ground for me. Then comes the paint. I am completely finished with painting the pillars! I am so excited! Now I just have to clean off the porch and all its contents that seem to multiply when I go inside.

Whats on my to do list next? Finish the door of the girls room that I was going to scrape the paint of and stain and polyurethane. But the rain for six days helped the paint pealing process go a bit faster. It also ruined the door to the point where I no longer can stain it. One painted door among two stained doors is going to look kind of funny. Not sure what to do now.

I also would like to finish relocated my rock pile to the 8th flower garden that I am making. 8 you say? Why yes. Because this 8th flower bed will make it so I do not have to haul the mower all the way around the house and between mine and the neighbors garage just to mow a six foot by ten foot space of green. I plan to take the preannuals that are all over my yard and divide them up and start new ones in this area.

There are about fifty other things on the "To Fix" and "To do list" but for now, I am happy with completing one of the things on there.

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