Friday, July 25, 2008

Money Green Money

We have spent $3777.82 on our gas and electric bill over the last 18 months. WOW. Our highest for gas was in February 08 for $307.05. Our highest electric bill was in July of 07 for $144.75. It averages out to be about $210 a month.

We have changed all of our bulbs to compact florescent. We turn lights off when we leave the room. We keep our thermostat low (Not too low because I refuse to be COLD in our HOME). We grill in the summer, as to not heat up the house more then it already is. We have curtains with backings along with pull down shades. Closed in the summer, open in the winter and at night. We only wash and dry full loads of laundry and dishes. I spent weeks caulking around our windows and doors and any other place that heat / cold air could escape.

I know we need insulation. We need it bad. I guess I am blogging about this to keep track to see how much we save after we get insulation.

BLEH. Thats a lot of money that could have been saved or spent on other things. (like insulation?) lol

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