Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Ok so we have a week called "Finals" week, which is week 10 of our term. But for some reason, here in week 8, I have a final project due for class # 1. Then in week 9, I have final essays for class #1, final essays and final exam for class #2, and a final project due for class #3. For week 10 (FINALS WEEK), I have a final exam in class #1, and final exam and final essays for class #3. I guess I am ok that it is not all due in week ten, but why have an entire week called finals week if the finals are spread out between week 8 through week 10?

For those of you that are keeping track, that means I have three things due for each class; a final project, final essays, and a final exam.

Ok. Rant over. Going to work on final project in week 8 for class #1.

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