Friday, January 18, 2008

Its been a while...

Since I last blogged, and since I have done a product review!


Ill start with the IDog. I loved the concept of these little critters, they barked, played music, and I THOUGHT they were able to have an MP3 player plugged into them and they would be a speaker for your music. I got the wrong one. I got the cheaper one for 14.99, and it did not allow you to hook up a MP3 player. Well... thats why I bought both girls an MP3 player in the first place! Although, they use them a lot. The IDog goes through batteries like they are going out of style!

My rating: Poor


Leapster! We bought two of these, one for each girl. They love them, and still do. Now that they have had them for a couple of weeks, the cartridges are a little bit of work to get them to recognize it. I wanted to buy the battery packs and charging system, but wow! they are almost 40$ a piece. We only paid 59.99 a piece for the system! The girls still love them, and play them a lot. It gives me some peace and quiet, so of course, I love them.

My rating: Great

TAO Key Photo Key Chain

When Tony and I went on our mini vacation last weekend, we bought a TAO keychain that was an open box from The Sharper Image. After tring to charge the thing both with the usb to computer, and usb to wall charger, it still did not work. I called the company and they sent me a new one, and a labeled and postage paid envelope for me to send back the old one. They did not need a credit card or anything. Excellent customer service!!! I have not had the chance to use the product yet, but I can already tell that this one works. lol

My rating: Great

Swiffer Wet Jet

I have a swiffer sweeper vac that I can not live with out. I would cry if it died. Then I would wipe my tears and go buy a new one!! So since I love the vac so much, I figured I would give the wet jet a try! I am not sure I like it. I vac'ed before I used it, and it still seemed to have picked up some dog hair, but I felt like I was just moving the dirt and not really picking it up...But it was very quick, and thats what I need

My rating: Good

My robe

I got a robe and several pairs of pajamas for Christmas. I love them all. Its nice to have new ones to wear around the house. I also love my robe. I never was much of a robe person, but its been kinda cold in here, even with the thermostat cranked, so I have been wearing it. Very nice... lol

My rating: Great

there ya go. I posted

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