Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy Monday

Thanks to me for forgetting to pick up my pills on Friday, I did not sleep last night... After tossing and turning, I finally got out of bed at 5:30am. So I did some internet surfing and finally went and took a shower around 7ish. After that I got Caitlin up for school, and gave her breakfast. Around 7:50, i told her to start getting ready to go out to the bus... So she did. She walked out the door at 7:55, just as the neighbor and his boys were walking to the bus stop. Not knowing any better, we stood there with our kids until 8:18 and I finally called the school, no water main break this time, they transfered me to the bus depot. Turns out, the bus was at the stop after our stop at 7:58. For some reason she has to call the bus depot every day when she gets to that stop. PROBABLY because she is either way early, or way late, and drives away when kids are four feet from the bus. Anyways, she had already been back to the bus depot. Grrr... so fine. I tell the neighbor boys and Caitlin to get into the car, and I go in to get Zoe... Caitlin and Logan start complaining about space. LOL TOO BAD. I have a dodge neon. not big on space.

So I make it to school almost late myself... Blahblah Composition II lecture thing... get done, go to Tonys work, then to get my pills... I go get Zoe, get home, and theres a small doggie on a chain at my back door... WHOOPS! I forgot to put Zeus back in the house in the shuffle to get everyone to school and daycare!! hehh Good thing its 34 outside today!

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