Friday, February 09, 2007


So... we have these self check outs at our Walmart. I tend to use these when I shop with hubby's debit card to skip the part where they ask who I am and why I am using Tony's card.

Today there was no waiting on the lane I went to. So I put my stuff on the thing, rang it up and bagged it. I went to pay, and used the debit card. It asks if you want cash back, no thank you. So I take my receipt, and notice that there is a stack of twenties in the "your cash is dispensed here" place. I look around... I grab it... put it in my pocket and left. What would you do? I mean... I feel really bad for the person who did not grab their cash, but I didn't see anyone even near that lane when I got there. During the time it took me to bag and load up my stuff, no one came to see if they had left it. What was I supposed to do? Take it to the customer service so they could MAYBE find out who it belonged to? What if I accidental DID hit the "cash back" option?

So really... what would you do?

Oh and I counted it when I got out to the car, $80.


Stine said...

You know I'm a pretty honest person, but I'd have kept the damn money too. How much didja get? :D

Rob Reimer said...

I would have kept it too..

Rebecca said...

HECK yes i'd have taken it! it's cash! keep track of your money if you don't want to lose it! their loss, your gain!!!