Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Job

Hubby started his new job yesterday! So far he likes it! Wonder how he liked his drive to work this morning with the freshly fallen snow! We have a couple of inches and it is still falling!

Good thing today is late start. My snow brush is in hubby's car!

MmMm menu says tonight is chili. Perfect for the weather since its still below zero outside!

Caitlin has music & PE today, so I wonder what song she will come home singing today! Last time it was "London Bridge" .. No not by Fergie.

Flylady says today we are in the kitchen! Good thing too, its a bit of a mess and could use a good decluttering. I have to find a home for my sewing machine when I am not using it. The craft room would be a great place for it I guess! Maybe since hubby will be home tonight, I will venture out there for the third time since we've moved in. Actually, its been more then three times, but less then ten.

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