Thursday, August 14, 2008


Ok ... First of all.. I am not saying I do not believe in these disorders and they can severely impact families.

I have 5 boys that live in our neighborhood. Four out of the five have ADHD and a few other acronyms.

Is ADHD just a mystery diagnosis that if a child acts out or is out of control, they add this label to them?? Why does it seem like some (SOME) parents use these disorders as an excuse as to why their child is a disobedient monster?! Could it be the parenting of these children?? Maybe their diet of fast food and foods filled with chemicals?? Why are so many children labeled with this?? Do a few of these parents just give up and let this disorder take over their family??

From my observations of the neighborhood boys, I see a major lack of parenting, and extreme cases where fast food is a major part of their childrens diet. One of the parents' only consistancy is that she will ground her children, then ten minutes later tell them to go outside and play. Grounded for ten minutes?? Does she send them outside to play because they are bugging her?? I often feel bad for her because she is a single mother of three young boys... But there has to be other ways of dealing with these children.

How do these labels affect them later in life?? How long does ADHD "last"? Is there an age where it no longer becomes an issue? Maybe when the children start eating right, or have solid rules and schedules?

Maybe in some cases, parenting skills and diet are part of the problem. Has anyone explored this??

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Kat said...

I agree with you 100%. I think in most cases ADHD is an excuse for A: A parent not realizing they are screwing up
B: A doctor without the kahunas to TELL a parent they are screwing up
C: Attention getting

The sad thing is, a lot of these kids are pumped full of extremely dangerous mind-numbing drugs because their parents can't get it together.